Build a Chest to Impress!

Hey everyone! Im back from my VACAY – Disney Rocks! Below is my first exclusive write up for For The Modern Man Magazine – I generally try to kep my blog content for a general audience, but this particular one is strictly for the boys!


Now we are winding down to the final days of summer, goes by so fast doesn’t it? Whether it is summer or not, guys are always looking for ways to build a massive chest that will make attract ladies to them like bees to honey. The chest is indicative of dominance, much like gorillas in the jungle, the one with the bigger chest wins. For some reason that has stuck with us despite years of evolution. A strong chest is a sign of power, most men want that sign!

The problem is that most men have no idea how to do this! They follow the advice from Muscle and Fiction and believe that “Hey, I can get HUUUUUGE like these guys if I follow their routine!”

Think again my friend . . . those guys workout for a living, you, on the other hand, are fortunate enough to make it 3 days a week to the gym. Then you spend half the time socializing, and looking at the cardio bunnies!

Cardio Bunny
Cardio Bunny

To keep your chest swollen enough that will make ladies jaws drop, keep in mind two important rules –

  • In order to grow, you need frequency. Your chest muscles must be consistently stimulated to keep them growing.
  • You must balance out your chest exercises with an equal amount of pulling movements such as seated rows and bent over rows, other wise you will end up looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame . . . needless to say . . . you will lose sexy points.

Not sexy!

Well here are a 5 damn good exercises to add to your routine to keep your chest pumped, choose 2-3 per workout ONLY – (these exercises are chosen to add to a full body workout program)

  1. Bench Press – Obviously this tops the list! You get maximal stimulation of your pectoral muscle fibers, and you can move more weight, this can be done up to 2x per week,
  2. DB Alternating Bench Press – Most men trying to build up their chest sleep on the effects of alternating DB work. It is OKAY to use one arm at a time! Try alternating one press then the other for the prescribed reps below. The time under tension alone will leave your chest blasted!
  3.  DB Drop Angle Bench Press – For this you need an adjustable incline bench. Go for reps on a high incline, then switch to a lower incline, and finally rep out on the flat bench. Do this for two more rounds, and then try hold your hands in a clap position in from of you for 30 seconds – OUCH!
  4. Dive Bomber Pushup – one of my favorite chest variations for overall flexibility, strength and development. Work up to sets of 15-20. This exercise is frequently used to keep our armed forces in great shape, so why not you? See Video – Dive Bomber Pushup
  5. Pushup – ISO – From the top of the pushup position drop down as if you are going to do one pushup, and stay in the bottom position. Start with a 15-30 second hold for 3-5 sets. Eventually work your way up to a 90 second hold, and try not to scream for mommy!

For the Dumbbell exercises, shoot for 6 sets x 4reps, 4 sets x 8 reps, or 3 sets x Max reps
(hitting up to about 20 reps a set) for maximum stimulation – change
your rep scheme every workout.


Good Luck!

Stay Strong,


<In case you didnt hear me – don’t forget to ROW – if you start to resemble the old hunchback, and girls don’t want to hang out with you anymore, then READ THIS AGAIN!>

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