Plan Your Meals

Preparing your meals in advance takes practice and skill. Step one, oven first! This means roasting chicken, fish, sweet potatoes and/or green beans. Cook as much as you can at the same time. Do not [...]

The Alpo Diet

One of my favorite tips for fat loss is The Alpo diet. This is a trick from my mentor Dan John via Tony Robbins. Most people see changing to a healthier lifestyle as nightmarish and [...]

Greens Instead of Grains

“Replace grains with greens”- There’s nothing “bad” about grains. The main reason they get a bad rap is because most people eat too much of them. Grains are very convenient and are all around in [...]

The 80% Full Strategy

“Eat until you are 80% full” - It is very easy to eat too many calories. To get yourself in great shape this year here is one simple tip that can make a lot of [...]

Are you drinking enough water?

Everyone knows of a close friend or family member who seems to collect empty water bottles in his or her car. But while it may look funny, they are most likely reaping all the benefits [...]

The Dirty Dozen vs. The Clean 15

Knowing what meals are healthier than others is one thing, but knowing where the ingredients that make up these meals are grown is another. The USDA’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce is great starting [...]

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