“I need to get my DIET together!”

This is short story about one of our members, Mary. It bugged her when she saw people who had good eating habits. Someone sat next to her during her daily commute to work. They pulled [...]

The biggest mistake I have seen lately . . .

There is so much change in the fitness industry lately. The options are ENDLESS! There are a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, Crossfit classes, Orange Theory, Barre Method, and so many more. It’s so [...]

Get Your Mind Right

         It all starts with your mindset. What is your goal? How are you going to get there? The steps are simple:  What is your outcome? - Write it out. What are [...]

Success Story: Barbara

We love seeing our members come in and put in the work, but what we love even more is seeing their long term success with us. Their is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Legacy [...]

Learn to Lift Series – The Military Press

Got arms? The military press AKA overhead press is an exercise that trains the overhead pressing movement. This movement trains the shoulders and triceps to look lean and solid. This is one of those exercises [...]

Ladies, where do you learn how to lift?

Who teaches you? Who answers your questions? Where do you begin?   If you belong to a big box gym then it is tough to find someone to give you answers to help you start [...]

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