Benefits of Yoga

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I know times are tough and chaos is seemingly all around us. There currently feels like a massive malestorm of uncertainty and fear swirling constantly through our day to day lives. First of all I am writing to tell you to hang in there and stay strong. The one thing we ALL know is that this will get better. Our situations will improve. There is light at the end of this. Just be a good person and be kind to others.

Saying wellness and practicing kindness may seem moot especially during these troubling times. In a practical sense, wellness and staying calm and collected during times of crisis really highlights the importance and effectiveness of yoga. Personally, I was skeptical at first but the effects are immediate and the benefits are truly transformational not just to flexibility and human performance but also mentally.
Yoga has a TON of benefits:
– Improves flexibility
Improves mindfulness
Trains your muscles differently than the everyday gym routine
Focuses on breathing
Reduces stress and anxiety
Connects you with the world

What I like is that it has:

– Good instruction
– Simple to understand
– A great intro to yoga.

Use yoga after your regular training, or on its own day. It can become a regular practice to add to your routine.

Here is a good starting video:
Try it out and let me know what you think!

We are always here for you, we know that in the times of a quarantine health and wellness may be put in the back burner. We hope to change that way of thinking and emphasis the importance of wellness and how that if a individual is well then everything else will naturally and organically follow. We hope we made a positive impact on your day.

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