Behind Our famous Kick-Ass Motto

People know that I don’t take excuses very well. They usually get that vibe as soon as they walk into Legacy. I have had it with excuses from people. We always say “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

We are known for delivering a great service, and holding people accountable and being tough on them. We run our sessions with discipline and attention to detail. That is how we get results.

We want to work with men and women who want to build their ideal bodies. We want to help people who are ready to become stronger and fitter versions of themselves.

This does not just go for fitness, this advice can go for anywhere in your life. Remember these three points –

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Commit to your decision.
  3. Take action.  

I want to see people saying “Yes I did that! Yes I have the confidence! Yes I have the courage! I will crush these goals like no other!”


Like our famous motto says – “It’s better to kick ass than kiss it!”


Enough said.


Stay strong,




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Legacy Essential Fitness Equipment for 2019


If you train on your own, then you NEED this equipment in your life to create a complete workout on your own. This is some of the equipment we use here at Legacy Strength regularly with our members. Here is a short list of some essential items you might want to pick up to kick off your new year right! 


  1. PB Elite Foam Roller

Many people have achy knees and back pain. This simple tool will do wonders to reduce stiffness and help you move and feel better immediately. We use these daily in our training sessions.



2. Sliders 

Furniture sliders offer a great variety of exercises. The sliders alone will add about 30 new exercise variations to your routine. We use them regularly! Feel free to drop us a line if you need any help.   


3. Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor 

This heart rate monitor is a beast and will help you keep track of your activity through their mobile app. Polar has always been at the forefront of the fitness industry and always make great products.

   4. Olympic Rings 

Ready to hit some bodyweight training? These Olympic rings will add a whole new set of exercises to your game. They versatile tools that can help improve full body strength and coordination. These are a great addition for any home gym or even to take to the gym with you.


  1. Infuser Water Bottle 

Add some flavor to your water with this cool little gift! Strawberries and mint are one of my favorite combos, but you can make up your own.


  1. Mark Bell Sling Shot Hip Circle  

Have you ever tried doing a glute workout with rubber resistance bands? Yeah, they’re great, but the Hip Circle will provide greater tension, better grip and wont roll up on your legs. Not only is it a great tool to progress and correct a squat, but it also will provide a greater challenge for any lower body workout you want to give a shot! Did i mention it comes in a variety of cool colors?


Happy shopping and here is to crushing your goals in 2019! 



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Your Best Body


What is your best body? What does it look like? What does it perform like?

If you think about it this way, you will see things very differently. We get people all the time who say they want to lose a few pounds and look and feel better.

What we are really after is our BEST body. At Legacy Strength we want to help people who want to become stronger and fitter versions of themselves.

This helps tremendously for creating realistic steps towards your goals. Your best body is one that does not conform to social norms. It is the best possible body you can have for yourself, your schedule, and your abilities. Your best body is perfect for your height, weight, and your lifestyle.

Image result for standing on rock

Your best body looks great in clothes and even better without clothes.

What we have to do is create a map to plan it all out.

Instead of writing your fitness goals out and saying “I want to lose about 5-10lbs.” Ask yourself these 3 questions:

(I am going to be totally open and honest and answer these questions for myself)


  • What is my BEST body?

My BEST body is one that I am completely comfortable and confident in. I don’t cringe when I see myself in the mirror. My ideal body is strong and athletic.


  • What does my ideal body look like? – Where are you leaner? What does the frame look like? What kinds of clothes would you wear?

My ideal body has a lean strong frame, broad shoulders, and a strong back. I would wear whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, there would be nothing to hide.


  • What does my ideal body perform like? – How many times a week would you workout? What kind of exercises would you do? What physical activities would you do on your weekends?

My ideal body performs at Legacy Strength 3 times a week to weight train and 2 times a week of efficient sweaty cardio. I will go bike riding or walking in the park at least once a week, and perform in seasonal sports.

These are my answers, now answer these questions for yourself and see how your mindset changes about your fitness routine.


Stay strong,

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Showing up is half the battle…


How do you stay on schedule? Do you find yourself sometimes going to the gym randomly? Do you feel lost without a plan?

I know the struggle. I have a busy schedule with family duties and running my own business. It is not easy. I have been doing training over 15 years and I find it tough at times!

I thought I would share what helps me the most. Ready? Just . . . show . . . up. Then, a couple of days later, just show up again!

After a month of just showing up and working out, without a time constraint or judging myself, I feel better. Start with a 15 minute timer, set it and get moving, do whatever comes to your mind!

Before you know it 15 minutes becomes easier to schedule. Then bump it to 20 minutes. Little by little you will schedule your training better.

Remember these tips to BUILD CONSISTENCY!

Step 1 – Just show up and do your best.

Step 2 – Show up again a few days later

Step 3 – Make a set schedule after a month and stick to it for as long as possible!


Stay strong,


What makes us different . .  .

Over the years I’ve heard so many horror stories about regular gyms from so many different people. There is definitely a need for them, but  private gyms have been providing such better training environments that give results that go through the roof!

People say “My gym sucks! It’s dirty, it’s grimey, the weights are all over the place, no one helps me!” And so on and so forth.

Personally, I have not been fully committed to a commercial gym in a long time. At Legacy Strength we are our own little world. We are an exclusive strength training gym with men and women who want to become stronger and fitter versions of themselves.


Image result for standout


The energy here is always high and the training programs are always challenging. We provide an environment to deliver the best possible training sessions to our members. This format allows us to provide specialized programs for men and women.

We have sessions all day long and we also run some fun challenges from time to time such as…

  • For Men – The Big Muscle Project
  • For Women – Sexy in 60 Transformation Challenge & Little Black Dress Project


We may not be the cheapest gym in town, but we are certainly the most effective.


Finally a gym that doesn’t suck.


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Legacy Cardio Plan

A young guy named Matt the other day who asked me about cardio. He wanted to know about how much he TRULY needed to do. Over the years we have developed this effective cardio program that will get you damn good results in a lot less time.

This has generated some serious benefits for our members, and Matt was SUPER HAPPY after a couple of months of sticking to it.

This is a sample program we use with our members over here at Legacy Strength.

Legacy Cardio

  • All days will be done using a stationary bike
  • 3 sessions/week
  • 15-45 minutes each
  • Use interval timer

DAY 1 Easy Day  – 40 minute Bike Ride – Keep heart rate under 70% of Max, you should be able to carry a conversation the entire time.

DAY 2 Medium Day – 3 minutes hard pedaling/2 minutes easy pedaling for 5 rounds

DAY 3Hard Day – 1 minute hard pedaling/1 minute easy pedaling for 10 rounds.

This cardio format is a complete energy development program. Meaning:

  • You will improve your cardiovascular health and function.
  • You will burn a ton of calories
  • You will melt fat off your body
  • The variety will keep you looking forward to training!


P.S. Keep this plan consistent and track your progress over the next 4 weeks. Let me know how it goes. Also be sure to sure to check us out at our Instagram page;


Stay strong, stay focused!



“I need to get my DIET together!”

This is short story about one of our members, Mary. It bugged her when she saw people who had good eating habits.Image result for poor diet

Someone sat next to her during her daily commute to work. They pulled out a salad and a grilled chicken from their lunch bag. Then they squeezed a lemon on it to give it a little more flavor. Seeing this made her realize that she did not have the best diet and agreed that it was time to start eating healthier. However, whenever the time came to start she would procrastinate and tell herself “I swear I’ll start tomorrow”.

Eating right is not easy. It takes practice to make those decisions. I look at nutrition like a game, everyone plays but no one knows the rules!

Here is the first rule we teach at Legacy – PREPARE your food or  your menu for the day.

Start small. Take 15 minutes to plan where you are going to be for the day. Figure out what meals you are going to eat and where.

  • Which stores are in the area in case I need to eat out?
  • What snacks can I bring from home?
  • What are my GO TO convenience store purchases? (TIP::: Usually, I go with any protein bar and a bag of peanuts in a pinch.)

You will be extremely impressed on how easy this is to help improve your diet strategy without stressing. This small step will increase your energy levels and help to build your best body.

For the men and women who want to become stronger and fitter versions of themselves, this is one of the simplest diet tweaks to make.

Image result for healthy diet


Try it out and when you do it, let us know because we want to virtually high five the hell outta you!


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The biggest mistake I have seen lately . . .

There is so much change in the fitness industry lately. The options are ENDLESS!

There are a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, Crossfit classes, Orange Theory, Barre Method, and so many more. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. Trust me, even I get overwhelmed!

Image result for fitness mistakes

The biggest mistake I see is PROGRAM HOPPING! Stick to a program for at least 4 weeks minimum, give it a quality shot to see if it is right for you. Sometimes you’ll know right away. Most people bounce around too frequently to give any program a chance to take hold to see the best results.

“Muscle confusion” does not work in the long run. When was the last time you got really good at something by being confused? Think about that!

As I said before, we want to work with men and women who want to become stronger, better, and fitter versions of themselves. Here at Legacy Strength we create an effective training program that we change every 4-6 weeks. We change sets, reps, exercises, conditioning, etc. We control the product to deliver a superior outcome to your average training program.  

This gives you a chance to learn the exercises and format, which helps you get good at the exercises and see real progress. So, give yourself a chance!


P.S. Legacy Strength is here to help! Respond below if you have any questions on training or need help with online program design and we can chat.


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Get Your Mind Right

        Related image

It all starts with your mindset. What is your goal? How are you going to get there?

The steps are simple:

  1.  What is your outcome? – Write it out.
  2. What are the steps I need to take RIGHT NOW to get there?
  3. What are the TOP 3 THINGS I can do today to get started on my goal?

    I had to recover from re-aggravating an old injury last year. I literally had to start with 15-minute training sessions just motivate myself. Thank goodness for phone timers that make it so easy. If your goal is to lose a few pounds, build muscle, and change your body to make it better, then the are the steps below are what you should start with. 

    Personally, the first step I took was to write out “GET BACK IN SHAPE!” Then, the steps I took were to:
  • Train regularly
  • Eat better
  • Go food shopping
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Drink plenty of water

The 3 BIGGEST STEPS that I had to do right away were to join a gym, show up, and set my timer for 15 minutes and move around. This started me on the road again. You will build up momentum quickly. Give yourself a chance. When I look at someone who has fallen “off the wagon”, I see a lean, confident, and energetic person just waiting to be revealed. Get your mind right, get your plan ready, and watch great things happen!

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Success Story: Barbara

We love seeing our members come in and put in the work, but what we love even more is seeing their long term success with us. Their is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Legacy member smash the goal they initially set out to crush.

Many of you know Barbara, but if not, here is a little about her. Barbara met us at the Floral Park Street Fair a little over a year ago, put her name on a list, got some info about what we do and came in to train. At the time, we had a Boditude challenge in the works and Barbara decided to be a part of it.

After excelling throughout the challenge, Barbara stayed consistent and continued to train with us here at Legacy. Since her initial start with us, Barbara has lost over 45 pounds, put on a healthy amount of lean muscle, built a solid strength base and overall has become a stronger and fitter version of herself.

A key to Barbara’s success has been consistency. Not only does she come in to train three times per week regularly, but she also visits Nutrish Mish (our nutritionist) on a weekly basis. Not only does this keep her accountable, but also helps her work with Michelle to tweak any dietary changes that may be holding her back from dropping weight.

We would like to congratulate Barbara on everything she has achieved thus far. She has not only inspired us, but also many of our members. Thank you Barbara for showing up, putting in the work and becoming a stronger/fitter version of YOU!

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