An Ode to the Deadlift

Ahhh . . . the Deadlift, an exercise you love to hate! I hit a personal record of 365lbs the other day, not bad considering I was maxing at 295lbs for a couple of weeks. Its funny because the move is so much more mental than anything else. In those 3 seconds it takes for you to lift that bar off the floor for a 1 rep max, its your mind that is working the hardest!

I always found the deadlift fascinating. When I first started training, of course I thought it was bad for the lower back and you could hurt yourself, but after doing my homework, it turns out that it is one of the most functional lifts to perform! Certain variations are critical to help prevent lower back pain, and the heavier versions are unparalelled to building total body strength and hitting almost every muscle on the back of your body. It is crucial for posterior chain development, increasing mass, and increasing bone density. Besides all of that, lets not forget that it is also just one sexy lift!

I came across the write-up below on one of the forums, I do not have the name of the author, but I could not have put it better myself! So without further adieu I present to you an Ode to the Deadlift:

Have you ever done deadlifts? I mean, have you gone into the gym thinking like. “ok today is deadlift day!”? No?

I do.

I think that there is no other exercise like it in the world. I fear it, hate it, and love it. I look forward to deadlifts like a child looks for candy. It is a drug and I am hooked. Tonight I go forth to do battle with it.

I feel nervous, like I was before my first real kiss. I will be singularly focused tonight to get a certain weight for 1 rep. This is the key for future deadlift workouts. I feel that this exercise could in fact have its own day if I could find the time. I must hit this weight, there is no question I am ready for it, just a question if my mental state will be strong enough to get it done.

I picture it now as I sit here waiting for the time to go lift to appear. The bar is loaded 4 plates on each side, it is resting on the floor. I see a face from a nightmare on the bar, it appears to be laughing at me, mocking me, taunting me to try to lift it. I walk over, squat down and set my hands. I breath deeply eyes not really in the present, mind tightening down to a narrow laser sharpened beam of utter concentration.

I take another breath, and lift it off the floor. I struggle, feeling the bar scrape my shins bloody. I feel the titanic strain on my arms, grip, shoulder, all over as the bar clears my knees. I stand up and pull the shoulders back, sweat running in a flood down my face, veins bulging on my neck. I lock it out and lower it to the floor.

It is done! The battle is over and I have beaten the demon, it no longer taunts me but rather sulks away to wait till next week. It never really is defeated, just beaten back for a time. I wipe my brow, my whole body is afire with a righteous blaze of accomplishment. Then, I realize that next time…next time is fast approaching for battle. I must stand ready each time to defeat the deadlift.

Great stuff . . . Now go lift something heavy!

Stay strong,


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