A Little Too Much Holiday? – Your Last Week of 2009 Survival Plan

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and that Santa brought you what you wished for!

Now we are back in the groove for the last week of 2009! I love it when the holidays fall on a Thursday or Wednesday, on one hand it provides extra days of festivities and parties, on the other hand, it still is extra days of festivities and parties!

Its Monday, what do you do your first day back at the gym? What is the best way to UNDO what you just did? Did you in fact consume a weeks worth of calories in a few days?

Most people at this point will go into the gym and literally go to war with the treadmill for an hour! Or they will take a number of aerobic classes back to back to back to work off their burned calories. The worst thing you can do . . . is not show up! Some people will literally lose all motivation to do anything this week and then plan to jumpstart it come New Years . . . dont be that person.

Here is your Last Week of 2009 Survival Plan –

Step 1 – Go food shoppoing, buy a ton of veggies. Consume as many vegetables as you possibly can with as many meals as possible. This will help keep your fiber intake high, and then just maybe your body will forgive you for eating the ENTIRE cheesecake!

Step 2 – Basic Training Plan – Super simple concept, 3 sets of 8 reps for every exercise increasing weight on every set. Rest 30-60 sec every set depending on level of difficulty. Do this workout 3x a week.

Shoot for these exercises below

Just so you know – all the 1’s belong together in a circuit and the exercises are performed back to back, likewise with the 2’s!

1A DB Squat

1B DB Bench

1C Seated Row

2A Lat Pulldown

2B DB Overhead Press

Step 3 – Set a distance goal for cardio – instead of beating yourself up for an hour – see how long it takes you to complete 2 miles . . . Hint: It better be between 20-25mins, 18 Minutes if you are a beast!

This whole routine should only take you about 45 mins total. It is simple enough to keep you focused without killing yourself.

For beginners, this plan can will have you seeing results for the next 6 weeks! So this can also be your 2010 Jumpstart Training Plan – I am giving you this as a freebie!

For more advanced people, this plan is great to follow when you are pressed for time, or need to take a break from a current program. I would recommend no more than 2-weeks for more advanced trainees.

FYI – How do you know if you are a beginner? If you had to look up any of the exercises on YouTube – then you are a beginner!

Good luck!

Stay strong,


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