3 Tips for Bigger and Badder Chest and Arms –

Summer is right around the corner, and NYC has been teased with a variety of warm days interspersed with cool spring days. However you look at it, the weather is better. The gym is packed with people getting ready to show off for summer time! If you have slacked all winter, and you still have the upper body development of an 8 year old soccer player – now is your time!

To all the guys who have been doing “Curls for Girls” and still haven’t seen any changes – this one is for you!

I just came across this blog post from Jason Ferruggia – he is known for having his guys gain muscle freakishly fast! He has done this consistently over the last 20 years at Renegade Strength and Conditioning in New Jersey – and he has the clientele and high-level athletes he trains to prove it.

When he speaks on anything regarding gaining muscle, he is usually right. Follow the three tips he outlines below and don’t be surprised see if you start to get more attention this summer from the opposite sex!


I just got home from a four day weekend down in South Beach where I
got some much needed R&R. Being on the beach always allows me some
time to think clearly and come up with great new ideas. And of
course, one of the things I think about most is training and

How could you not think about fitness when you’re surrounded by so
many tanned, chiseled bodies? Many of whom also happen to be topless
and wearing thongs… Well, I suppose your thoughts could drift in
other directions at the sight of a Vida Guerra look a like strutting
by in a g-string. But that’s another topic for another day.

Today I’m going to share 3 unusual tips for a bigger chest and arms
that you may not have heard before…

– If you suffer from slouched posture and your shoulders are rounded
forward (from sitting at a computer all day) you often end up with
tight pecs that won’t grow no matter what they do. This is one of
the rare cases where I might recommend an isolation exercise. After
your main pressing exercise, try doing one 10-15 rep set of
bodyweight flyes, on rings or straps, getting a deep stretch in your
chest. Immediately after the set, stretch your pecs intensely for
30-60 seconds. Also, be sure to include some face pulls and band
pull aparts in your program to strengthen your upper back muscles
and even out any imbalances.

– When doing curls of any sort start the lift by curling your wrists
first. I forgot about this for a while but was reminded of it after
a recent exchange with the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, who was a
big proponent of this technique and had the guns to show for it.
When you do this you engage the forearms and get a stronger
contraction from your biceps. You also shorten the lever arm which
allows you to use more weight. Basically you get more bang for your
buck out of the exercise.

– The best triceps building exercises in existence are close grip
bench press
variations and dips. But from time to time some
isolation work can be beneficial; especially for advanced lifters
(beginners should stick with the first two exercises) and guys with
bad shoulders who can’t press or dip. In this case you are left with
extensions and push downs. Both fine exercises; the problem being
that they end up hurting a lot of people’s elbows.

To get the most out of these exercises while avoiding the pain try
using Fat Gripz (www.FatGripz.com) on the bar, dumbbells or pushdown
handles. The fatter grip forces the hand to open wider and
alleviates stress on the elbow. Less pain leads to more growth. It
also has the added benefit of simultaneously working your grip. I use
these all the time and love ’em.


Definitely great info! Simple tips and tweaks can take your workouts to the next level. Let me know how it works out!

Stay strong,


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