We love seeing our members come in and put in the work, but what we love even more is seeing their long term success with us. Their is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Legacy member smash the goal they initially set out to crush.

Many of you know Barbara, but if not, here is a little about her. Barbara met us at the Floral Park Street Fair a little over a year ago, put her name on a list, got some info about what we do and came in to train. At the time, we had a Boditude challenge in the works and Barbara decided to be a part of it.

After excelling throughout the challenge, Barbara stayed consistent and continued to train with us here at Legacy. Since her initial start with us, Barbara has lost over 45 pounds, put on a healthy amount of lean muscle, built a solid strength base and overall has become a stronger and fitter version of herself.

A key to Barbara’s success has been consistency. Not only does she come in to train three times per week regularly, but she also visits Nutrish Mish (our nutritionist) on a weekly basis. Not only does this keep her accountable, but also helps her work with Michelle to tweak any dietary changes that may be holding her back from dropping weight.

We would like to congratulate Barbara on everything she has achieved thus far. She has not only inspired us, but also many of our members. Thank you Barbara for showing up, putting in the work and becoming a stronger/fitter version of YOU!