Got arms? The military press AKA overhead press is an exercise that trains the overhead pressing movement. This movement trains the shoulders and triceps to look lean and solid. This is one of those exercises that helps add some sexy shape to your arms that will make them noticeable to the opposite sex no matter the season. The push-up gets a lot of love on the gym floor, but it is the overhead press that helps cap everything off.


Here are some tips:


  • Works rear, anterior and lateral delts, upper chest, triceps and traps
  • Gives the core and lower back much needed stability and strength
  • Strengthens shoulder girdle to prevent injury


  • Sexy arms with some shape that lets people know you train
  • A strong core that will let you handle anything in life that you have to pick up overhead
  • Impress the opposite sex with the best arm definition in all the group pictures
  • This exercise actually saves more time by training a lot more “good looking” muscles in a very efficient manner

How to perform:

  • Start in a standing position, dumbbells at shoulder height and palms facing each other
  • Press the weight straight up over your head until the elbows are straight, and the elbow pits are by your ears.
  • Lower the weight slowly. Repeat for reps.
  • Start with 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps to learn the movement.


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